Model: Tatum Russo
Jewelry: Lady Sigyn Designs
Dress: Parasite Eve Designs
Photographer: Liz Gilani
HMUA: Christina Barragan

Model: Psychara Photography: byMarije Assistance: Rozen Dreads: IcyDreads Elf Ear Cuffs (Lady of Snow): Kunoichi Creations headpiece (jewelry): A Curious Tale

Model: Psychara
Elf Ear Cuffs: Lady Sigyn Designs
Photography: byMarije
Assistance: Rozen
Dreads: IcyDreads
Headpiece: A Curious Tale

Jewelry: Lady Sigyn Designs
Clothing: Julia Rhoden Designs
Models: Katy Waitt, Savage Van Sage
Hair (Savage): Jessie Marie LaCrue
Hair (Katy): Erin Oglesby
Makeup (Savage): Corinne Lcfg
Makeup (Katy): Taylor, Kyana Paige
Photographer: Ken Sanville Photography

Lady Sigyn Designs exists to bring your costuming fantasies to life. We pride ourselves on creating exquisite fantastical jewelry and accessories that are personalized for each customer, with consistent feedback between client and creator along the way. We specialize in comfortable and durable wire-wrapped jewelry, including elf ear cuffs, as well as beaded necklaces and cuffs, feather headpieces, wings, and more!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll create something wonderful together!

“They’re even prettier in person! Thanks again for working so much with me on them.” – K. L., regarding Sheogorath elf ear cuffs