Major Changes Coming to Lady Sigyn Designs!

KunoichiCreationslogoThe year is almost over, and we’ve got big things in store for 2016! It’s been a year a transitions for me — getting engaged, buying a house, leaving an office job to focus on Kunoichi Creations — and I’ve been considering another huge one: moving my business in a new direction. While I was planning and scheming last night, Denver had its first snowfall of the season, and I feel this is as good a time as any to let you all into the loop. As many of you know, my primary medium is enameled copper wire; it’s relatively inexpensive and therefore affordable for more of you lovely people, it comes in tons of beautiful colors, and it’s fairly easy to work with (hence all the different designs I’ve come up with). Soon, however, I will be shifting my focus to niobium, which is hypoallergenic and opens the door to… (drum roll, please)…anodizing!

Niobium acts differently from copper, necessitating possible alterations to my designs. In preparation for this, and also just to make things a little simpler, I will be retiring a number of my designs, primarily from my Dark Divinity and Capricious Nymph lines, along with a few from Fantasy Folk, in order to focus on the most popular pieces. Additionally, I am already in the process of consolidating my current designs into new categories, based on shape (e.g., fin-shaped, classic elf ear, etc) and material (i.e., those that have chains, crystals, etc, and those that don’t). This is a slow process, but I expect much of this to be completed by the end of the year. Once I begin with niobium in earnest, I will rework my current designs in this new medium, starting with my most popular pieces. I will be offering discounts to anyone who wants to help me out and get the first niobium elf ears! The very first will most likely be non-anodized (which is still lovely in its own right), but I hope to further my experiments with anodizing alongside the design rework to bring anodized niobium elf ear cuffs (how amazing does that sound?!) to you all as soon as possible.

Aside from wirework, I’m looking to indulge my passion for costuming, creating more elaborate accessories and working my way up to full costumes and outfits. I have a ton of ideas, plans, and prototypes in the works, which I hope to share with you soon. In the meantime, such a major shift in my focus both allows and almost requires a change in my business itself. For those of you who don’t know, the name “Kunoichi” (Japanese for female ninja) stems from my time practicing multiple martial arts as well as performing sideshow and fire dancing. I feel it’s not the most accurate for who I am now and what I want my business to be at this point in my life, so I have made the decision to move towards a new name, to be revealed soon.

All of that aside, what does all of this mean for you? Well, first of all, I will be discounting all retiring designs, as well as almost all of my current premade stock. I will continue to offer non-copper alternatives to my designs (e.g., Argentium sterling silver), so those will not be included in the sale; however, everything with an enameled copper base will be! Make sure to keep an eye on my stock album on Facebook as I’ll be adding a ton of new pieces to it over the next month or so. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for a particular piece or color combination. I will continue to offer custom enameled copper pieces (both existing and new designs) by customer request for the foreseeable future, so don’t fret if you haven’t gotten your hands on some yet!

Finally, I wanted to say thank you once again to all of you wonderful people who have supported me over the years! I hope you continue to enjoy my work and stick with me to see how things evolve in the future!