Stellaria: The Celestial Collection Launch

Lady Sigyn Designs - New Celestial Collection, Launching Halloween 2016

Are you as excited as I am for the launch of Stellaria: The Celestial Collection?! I can’t wait to share my newest creations with all of you! Here’s some helpful info on the launch, so you know what to expect:


In keeping with the unique nature of the constellations, I will be creating only four variations for every pendant design (with the exception of two for Perseus), with each variation a unique combination of different colored metals (wire and spikes) and gemstones. Each variation is named for a different star or deep-sky object, such as a nebula or galaxy, within that constellation, and only one of each variation will be made.

As of this posting, all current pendant photos depict prototype pieces only, incorporating metal-plated acrylic spikes. Due to issues with suppliers, I was unable to procure solid metal spikes in time for the Stellaria launch; however, they will be arriving soon. In the meantime, the pendant listings will be in pre-order mode, for those who want to secure a particular variation. Once the new metal spikes arrive, I will begin working on the final pendants immediately, starting with the pre-orders.

To snag your pre-order, simply check out via the shop; alternatively, contact me and I’ll set up a deposit invoice for you in order to place your hold. Deposits are $25, with the remaining balance to be paid upon completion.

Nov 12, 2016: First round of supplies have arrived, so Andromeda and Orion are no longer in pre-order, but are finished and available now! These designs will ship within 3-4 business days.

Mar 10, 2017: At long last, all supplies have arrived, so ALL Stellaria pendants are ready for order! To show my immense gratitude for everyone’s patience, I’m offering the coupon code SPIKESFORALL for 10% all Stellaria designs through March 31st!

Add-Ons: Rings and Earrings

The rings and earrings will be available for sale right away, and do not have the same variation restrictions as the pendants. These pieces can be made to match a particular pendant color scheme, if desired, with eight possible different variations for each design.

Rings are available in full and half sizes, and are fully adjustable as well. To determine your ring size, you can visit any fine jewelry store and ask to have your ring size measured; for best and most accurate results, try 2-3 different stores at different times of day.

All earrings feature leverback ear wires, which close to form a complete loop, and work just as well in tunnels as in standard lobe piercings. As always, if you prefer alternate findings, simply contact me and I’ll see what I can do. Earrings are sold in pairs, although single earrings are available upon request.

Extra Info

Payment plans are available! This typically involves dividing the full price into two payments, spaced out over a few weeks (or months); however, if you require a different setup, let me know and we’ll discuss!

Free US Shipping is still in effect for everything in the shop! Due to the unreliable and increasingly costly nature of international shipping (not to mention restrictions on jewelry import), shipping outside of the US is only available on a case-by-case basis, so if you live in another country, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

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