Custom Orders

What do you charge for custom orders?

Pricing depends entirely on the type of custom order:

If you would like a minor variation on or addition to an existing product, the price will most likely be very close to the current product.

If you would like to request a new design for an existing product type, the price will probably be similar to existing products in that category, depending on complexity of the design and materials required.

If you have an idea for a completely new product different from anything currently provided, Lady Sigyn Designs will determine whether it is a viable idea (at the present time or possibly in the future) and will provide a rough price estimate.

Can you make this: (link to picture)?

If the item you are requesting is an exact duplicate of another artist’s piece, I would recommend asking that artist to commission the same for you. It is not good practice to copy the work of another artist, as it is analogous to plagiarizing a written work. That being said, if the original artist is unwilling or unable to create that piece for you, please request permission to have another artist (e.g. Lady Sigyn Designs) recreate the design or something similar.

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What are the range of colors you offer for your products?

The answer to this question, of course, depends entirely upon the product. Please contact us to request a color chart for the particular material in question, or all the materials relating to a particular product.

Current Materials:

  • Parawire: Non-tarnish enameled copper wire, available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Sterling Silver
  • Niobium: In its original form, Niobium is a rich dark grey/silver, similar to gunmetal; anodizing produces a wide range of beautiful colors, roughly bronze – purple – deep blue – light blue – gold – orange – fuchsia – indigo – teal – green. Black and red are not obtainable through anodizing; there is an alternate technique to product a black color in Niobium, which we will be looking into at some point in the future.
  • Titanium: Our new choice for chain, Titanium has a very similar anodizing spectrum to Niobium.
  • Swarovski Crystal: Available in a variety of different colors, both as standard crystals and pearls.
Anodized Niobium Spectrum: roughly bronze - purple - deep blue - light blue - gold - orange - fuchsia - indigo - teal - green
Anodized Niobium Spectrum: roughly bronze – purple – deep blue – light blue – gold – orange – fuchsia – indigo – teal – green
Parawire Color Chart
Parawire Color Chart
(top to bottom, left to right) Swarovski Crystal Pearls: -Turquoise -Lapis -White -Silver -Lavender -Rose Gold -Iridescent Green -Black Swarovski Crystals: -Clear -Siam -Fireopal -Amber -Peridot -Emerald -Indicolite -Amethyst
(top to bottom, left to right)
Swarovski Crystal Pearls:
-Rose Gold
-Iridescent Green
Swarovski Crystals:
Can I get a mixture of colors in my product?

Definitely! The amount of colors and the particular colors available depends on the product. Please contact us for detailed options; see below for a general idea of what we can do with each product.

Wire Jewelry: With anodized Niobium, each piece can have as many colors as you like. We do have different rates for anodizing, as certain variations take more time to create than others; for example, a solid-color piece takes less work than anodizing a full spectrum onto a piece.

What if I have allergies to the materials you use in your products?

If you believe you might be allergic to the materials used in a particular product, please contact us. We can provide you with a detailed list of the materials, as well as some possible alternatives.

Currently most of our pieces are made from Niobium and Titanium, which are hypoallergenic. We do make some pieces from Sterling Silver, but can offer Gold-filled and other alternative upon request.

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Ear Cuffs

How do the ear cuffs attach? Do they require piercings?

None of the current ear cuff styles require piercings. In the future, though, there may be custom options which incorporate certain piercings; please contact us if you would like to be involved in planning or have any suggestions/requests. Lady Sigyn Designs’ ear cuffs attach by wrapping around the side and top of the ear. With proper adjustment, the ear cuff stays securely in place and will not fall off very easily, though it can be easily removed when desired. Our current attachment method is quite unobtrusive and has been specifically designed to avoid conflict with most piercings and other ear wear. If you have any concerns, please contact us to discuss options.

Customer reactions to our elf ear cuffs:

“Absolutely love these Ear Cuffs!! They are gorgeous, easy to put on and so easy to wear I forgot I had them on!!” – B. C., regarding Betrayed Falmer elf ear cuffs

“I was very happy when my ear cuffs arrived in the mail. They are absolutely gorgeous and stay on my ears sturdily without falling off.” – D. C., regarding Titania elf ear cuffs

“The ear cuffs are beautiful!! I can’t wait to wear them while visiting my family on Christmas!! They seem to have a little bit of trouble fitting over the tubes of my hearing aids but nothing incredibly drastic. And from my few minutes of wearing, the string/wire is very comfortable to wear! Thank you so much for including extra!” – A. M., regarding Betrayed Falmer elf ear cuffs

Will my piercings get in the way of the ear cuffs?

It depends entirely upon the type of ear piercings. Lady Sigyn Designs has provided ear cuffs to many customers with a variety of different piercings, without issue. If you are concerned that your piercings will be a problem, please contact us with details of your jewelry. We can discuss options, including altering the ear cuff frame to avoid interference with a particular piercing.

I can’t decide on a style of ear cuff. Can I combine them?

Yes! We welcome all custom orders, be they completely new designs or variations on existing ones. Let us know which styles you like and we’ll start working on your new design. We can combine multiple existing designs within one, in virtually any combination. Alternatively, we can offer you a pair consisting of two separate designs (i.e. one cuff in an existing style and the other in a different style).

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Payment Options

What payment methods do you accept?

Lady Sigyn Design’s shop uses PayPal for all transactions; however, you do not need a PayPal account, you can check out using any major credit card. Please note that orders will not ship until payment clears.

What if I want to use a different method?

If you prefer a payment method other than what we currently offer, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! Typically, payment is split into two equal payments, paid over the course of a few weeks (or months), but we’re happy to work with you to figure something out that meets your needs. Simply contact us for more info.

Do you accept trades?

We are open to trades. If you are interested in trading one of your creations or just something you’ve collected, get in touch and we’ll see if it’s a possibility! We are also open to non-physical trades, such as blog features/advertising.

I model and would like to use some of your creations in a shoot!

We are not currently accepting sponsored models; however, we will offer pieces for rent in some cases. We are looking to work with models and other creatives in the Denver, CO area on a collaborative basis. Please contact us to discuss further.

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What shipping options do you offer?

Currently, all orders are shipped via USPS first-class mail, with confirmation on delivery. If you would prefer an alternate shipping carrier, express shipping, insurance, or some other method of delivery, please contact us for an estimate. Unless a guaranteed delivery method is purchased, we cannot refund for delayed delivery; likewise, unless insurance is purchased, we cannot refund if an item is lost or damaged during shipment.

First-Class Domestic (within USA) shipping is FREE right now!

Do you ship internationally (outside of the US)?

At the moment, Lady Sigyn Designs’ shop is set up to ship to the USA only, due to international shipping restrictions on fine jewelry. If you live outside the USA, please contact us; we’ll see if we can ship to you and get you an estimate of cost. Please note that pricing for international shipping can be expensive, especially for insured/registered parcels.

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How can I view your work in person?

Lady Sigyn Designs periodically vends at craft fairs, medieval festivals, and similar events. We are currently based in Denver, CO, and so the majority of events we attend are in that area. If you live locally and you know of an event you would like to see Lady Sigyn Designs at, please let us know! We do occasionally travel for events, so even if your event is farther away, let us know anyway and we’ll see what we can do. If we are scheduled to appear at an event, we will display a notice on this website, as well as on our Etsy page and our Facebook page.

Check back periodically for updates, or send us a message requesting to be notified by email of any appearances by Lady Sigyn Designs, in your area or elsewhere. If you plan on attending an event where we are vending, you can even request an order through this site and pick it up in person at the event, either paying electronically beforehand, or by cash or credit card on site! Alternatively, if it is a multi-day event, browse our selection the first day, place an order, and pick it up the next day (depending on the availability of materials and time it takes to create that particular piece)!

Is your work available at any stores?

Products by Lady Sigyn Designs are currently available at the following locations:

  • Thread, 1227 21st St, Denver, CO 80205.
  • MegaFauna, 3102 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205.
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Site Issues

I tried to view a page on your site, but I got an error message. What happened?

Lady Sigyn Designs does its best to maintain this site and provide a pleasant customer experience, but sometimes something goes wrong. If you experience any error messages when trying to visit any part of the site, please contact us to let us know and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

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