Centaurus, The Centaur — Stellaria Constellation Pendant




“The gnawing venom defied his remedies, and its evil
Penetrated his body, to the marrow of his bones.
The blood of the Lernean Hydra fused with
The Centaur’s blood, giving no chance for aid.
[…] The ninth day came, and you, virtuous Chiron,
Wrapped your body in those fourteen stars.”
~Ovid, Fasti [Translated by A. S. Kline]

Named for the constellation Centaurus, the Centaur (often associated with Chiron), this design incorporates a central donut-shaped gemstone with nine spikes spaced around the bottom and sides, and a woven wire top complete with dual spirals.

Available Variations:

  • Menkent (θ Centauri) – Black Onyx gemstone with Antique Bronze wire and spikes
  • Rigil Kentaurus (α Centauri) – Black Onyx gemstone with Silver wire and spikes
  • Centaurus A Galaxy (NGC 5128) – Blue Goldstone gemstone with Antique Bronze wire and spikes
  • Hadar (β Centauri) – Blue Goldstone gemstone with Silver wire and spikes

Note: All pendants are made-to-order, with a current turnaround-time of approximately 1 week.

Additional information


Black Onyx, Blue Goldstone

Metal Color

Antique Bronze, Silver


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