Lady of Heaven DESERT QUEEN: gold, amber, black wire; fireopal Swarovski crystals (1-2)**
-SUNSET: gold, magenta, black wire; amber, siam Swarovski crystals
Lady of Heaven RAINBOW: seafoam, lavender, burgundy, chartreuse, peacock, rose gold, amber wire, with amber, peridot, indicolite, emerald, siam, amethyst Swarovski crystals Lady of Heaven SUNSET: gold, magenta, black wire; amber, siam Swarovski crystals Models: Lady Sigyn, Candace Clark
Jewelry: Lady Sigyn Designs
Dreads (Lady Sigyn): Imp And Petal
Photographer: Ken Sanville Photography Model: Siara Gray
Jewelry: Lady Sigyn Designs
Photographer: Jack Jaxson Photography

Inanna Queen of Heaven Elf Ear Cuffs



Product Description

“Mistress of heaven […] Raining blazing fire down upon the Land, endowed with divine powers by An, lady who rides upon a beast, whose words are spoken at the holy command of An! The great rites are yours: who can fathom them?”
~The Exaltation of Inanna

With this style, I sought to embody the regal beauty of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The sweeping loops and swirls are reminiscent of both the weapons Inanna wears on her back in her aspect of war, as well as her spread wings, depending on the particular depiction of this great goddess. This design is perfect for that glamorous cosplay or fantasy costume, as well as a wonderful wedding adornment for the elven bride.

Additional Information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 in


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