Lady Sigyn Designs is currently closed while we are transitioning to a new website and business model. We appreciate all the support over the years and hope you’ll join us in our new incarnation!

Model, top: Ginger Broderick
Costume Designer: Lady Sigyn Designs
Photographer: Jacob Davis Imagery

Model: Psychara Photography: byMarije Assistance: Rozen Dreads: IcyDreads Elf Ear Cuffs (Lady of Snow): Kunoichi Creations headpiece (jewelry): A Curious Tale

Model: Psychara
Elf Ear Cuffs: Lady Sigyn Designs
Photography: byMarije
Assistance: Rozen
Dreads: IcyDreads
Headpiece: A Curious Tale

Model, HMUA: Lady Sigyn
Jewelry, Neck Corset/Cape: Lady Sigyn Designs
Dreads: Nvcl3ar Bvtt3rfly
Elf Ears: Aradani Studios
Photographer: FEN RIR Photo

Urban Gothic Shoot in Downtown Denver with Lady Sigyn (model), Lady Sigyn Designs (Jewelry), Imp And Petal (Dreads), Rachel Hurst Photography (Photographer)

Model, MUA: Lady Sigyn
Jewelry: Lady Sigyn Designs
Dreads: Imp And Petal
Photographer: Rachel Hurst Photography